Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Expressions Training

Thanks for checking out this old Expressions blog!! This was an early test to get the ball rolling on my Expressions training series. It's hard to explain this stuff, so I wanted to kick it around for a while before creating a series on it. The older this gets, the closer I get to deleting this blog, as I have learned so much since I posted this stuff. However, I'll leave this up for now. But if you want more info on expressions, feel free to check out my AE Expressions 1 and AE Expressions 2 video training series at Toolfarm. Each one is only $29 and contains one hour of material, plus reference guides and all lesson comps & materials. Also, please check out motionscript.com, as everything you need to know is there. All I did was learn it, explain it in my own terms, and use my own experience to drive how newcomers should approach the task of learning expressions. Cheers, Harry